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Hello there I'm Jillian Hauk!

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About Me

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I am a 3D character animator, currently in my Junior year at Savannah College of Art and Design, and I am from North Carolina. My love for animation stemmed  from growing up watching all the Disney classics. It has been my dream to be an animator since I was 11 years old. I desire to give  people that same emotional  connection I feel watching an animated film that the animators before me created. My long time goal is to work on animated feature films.

I love soccer, a good cup of coffee, and the beach. All three of these things I have loved just as long as I have animation. I grew up on the soccer field and played for 15 years. If you didn't find me doing homework along side a cup of coffee, you would find me with a soccer ball. The beach is where I go to breathe. It is my place of relaxation, rest, and thinking.

On my site you can find my demo reel which showcases my 3D character animation work along with my resume, individual animation projects, and my personal fine art work. 

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